Things to Check Before You Buy a Used Car

Searching for a used car to buy can be an exhilarating experience. However, you need to ensure that you get a quality car you can keep for many years. Taking a long test-drive will be necessary so that you’ll know how comfortable the car is and if it meets your requirements for speed. You also need to go through some other processes before you take the test-drive. These are four areas you need to check:

History Report

Before you purchase used cars Huntsville models, you should try to learn additional information about their history. You’ll want to know how many owners had handled the vehicle before you owned it. You’ll want to know if the vehicle has been in any accidents or received bodywork. You’ll also want to know what kind of title the vehicle has. You can request a report that contains this information before you take a test-drive in the car. Just ask the salesperson to provide you with a CarFax report or other type of history report so that you’ll know all about the vehicle you’re considering purchasing.

Leak and Smoke Check

The next thing you’ll need to do before you take the car on a test-drive is to turn it on and allow it to run while you inspect for leaks and smoke. Look on the ground to see if any antifreeze, water, or oil is leaking to the ground. While it’s running, you should also look out for smoke coming from the exhaust system. The smoke usually indicates a serious problem. White is the most harmful smoke to see because it means the vehicle may need major engine work. It may need its head gasket replaced, or it may need new cylinder heads. Black or gray smoke may indicate a problem with seals that are causing an internal oil leak.

Sound Check

Make sure to listen for strange sounds coming from the engine while it’s running. A loud tapping indicates that there may be a problem with one or several of your valves. A loud knock is a serious issue that means you may have a problem at the bottom end of your motor.

Tire Review

You’ll also want to inspect the tires. Tire problems can be resolved with new tires or patch repairs. However, you should still look for issues before you take a test-drive. You may be able to convince the dealership to fix the problem before you make your purchase.

When inspecting the tires, you need to check three areas. You need to look for flatness and low general air pressure. You also need to look for uneven wear or bubbles in any of the tires. Also, you need to have the tires changed immediately if you notice wires coming from them or hardly any tread left.

Purchase Your Used Vehicle Now

You should now feel confident that you can inspect a used car properly before you invest in it. Have fun checking the car and make your purchase when you’ve found the right vehicle.