Preparing to Move Your House

Whether you are looking for a change or are relocating for your job, planning your move can be an overwhelming experience. Taking your time and detailing each step of the process can keep it efficient and within your budget. Here are some tips to follow. 

Begin Your Plans

Research small trucking companies group plans to see if they have rates to rent their trucks. Do this a few weeks before the day you plan to move to secure it. Look for boxes to begin your packing. Many shipping companies have these for sale or you can request your local grocery store to hold some back for you. Set up a budget and stick as close to it as you can. This will eliminate extra stress as you go from one location to the other. 

Small Truck Companies

Sort Through Your Belongings

This is a good time to go through the clutter and pack only the things you need. Hold a garage sale to sell items that you want to part with. Whatever is left afterward can be donated to a local charity. Put whatever is used once in a while in boxes and label them for the room they will go in. Be careful to wrap fragile items in paper or bubble wrap and to keep heavy articles away from them. Purchase quality packing tape to seal the containers as well as markers and other supplies. 

Change Your Address

Fill out a change of address at the post office. This can be done online or at one of their locations. Call your bank and credit card companies and give them your new information. Set aside time to get your driver’s license changed and any other legal document updated. Contact the utility and phone companies to shut off your service. You will need to do this at your new home as well. Send a note to family and friends telling them where you will be so that they can visit you when you get settled in. 

Prepare the Truck

When the day arrives, gather plenty of blankets to wrap around your mirrors or anything else that could be damaged easily. Layer the heavy boxes and objects at the bottom of the truck and the lighter on top. This keeps the breakable items safe. If you are moving appliances, leave them open a crack, especially your refrigerator and washer. This keeps mold from forming inside as you travel.