Features to Look for in a Wheelchair Accessible SUV

When shopping for a wheelchair-accessible SUV, it’s essential to look for several features that make the vehicle more convenient. These include rear entry, removable front seats, and backup cameras. In addition to a vehicle’s interior features, it’s essential to look for customization features.


Access to a wheelchair-accessible van has the power to transform lives. It might be simpler to attend social gatherings, conduct errands, and go to doctor’s appointments with reliable transportation that you don’t have to rent or reserve in advance. It can also be easy to work outside the home with reliable transportation. When considering purchasing a wheelchair-accessible SUV for sale, you’ll want to consider the customization available. This vehicle can include a power transfer seat and automatic rear ramp. Some SUVs have sporty exteriors, and powerful performance was a winning combination for many drivers. Another great thing about an accessible vehicle is its customizable interior. Many manufacturers offer wheelchair-accessible versions of their models. 


Rear-entry is a popular option for wheelchair-accessible vehicles. It gives wheelchair users more flexibility when parking and doesn’t require a particular spot for the wheelchair. It also offers more seating capacity for larger families. And it’s much less expensive than a side-entry vehicle. When choosing a wheelchair-accessible SUV for sale, remember your needs and preferences. Consider where you will be traveling and where you’ll park. For instance, if your home has a small driveway and a small trunk, you’ll want to choose a rear-entry model. On the other hand, if you live in a city, a side-entry model is more practical. In addition, rear-entry vehicles don’t provide easy access to the front passenger and driver seats.

Another consideration for wheelchair-accessible SUVs is the length of the ramp. Some vehicles are equipped with a power ramp, which lowers to the ground with the push of a button. You can also choose a manual ramp if you prefer.

Wheelchair Accessible SUV

Removable Front Seats

Wheelchair-accessible SUVs with removable front seats are an ideal choice for wheelchair users. They allow the passenger who uses a wheelchair to sit up and move around the vehicle while providing enough space for the driver and family members. In addition, the vehicle can be configured with adjustable tie-downs and an EZ Lock to secure the wheelchair.

The rear seats can be folded down to provide more interior space. The 3.5L Ti-VCT engine provides ample power. Its rear-entry ramp can accommodate up to 5000 pounds. Another feature of the SUV is its swing door design. This means that a wheelchair user can use the 2nd row to ride with a non-disabled passenger. Another benefit of OEM seats is their remount ability. These vehicles have a middle bench that can be removed and remounted to provide three seating options in the second row and room for a wheelchair passenger in the third row. Another benefit of this option is that the OEM seat bases match the existing seating configuration, making them an excellent choice for families.


Find out if the store is a National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association member. The NMEDA is a nationwide group that promotes dependable and secure accessibility vehicle adaptations. Working with an NMEDA dealer ensures that your firm is at the top of its game and that they are dedicated to the quality and safety of its products. The Quality Assurance Initiative is a supplementary NMEDA program that provides further assurance and accreditation for buyers interested in their dealers. For businesses in the industry of adaptive mobility, the QAP is the sole nationally recognized accreditation program. A manufacturer must adhere to tight quality standards to achieve QAP standards, and these manufacturers also provide round-the-clock services from highly qualified and trained specialists.