Facts About Fuel Injectors

Fuel injection is something that you can count on in your car’s engine. Plus, fuel injectors are one of those advanced engine technologies that brings a lot of benefits. Specifically, they are known for improving fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. Here are some fun facts about these useful engine parts. 

They Were Invented in the ’70s

Fuel injectors were installed in cars in the 1970s. Their job was to replace the outdated carburetors. They did just that and have been in use ever since. 

They Work Pretty Simply

If you’re not familiar with engines, this part can seem very confusing. But, actually, they are quite simple. Basically, they take gasoline and inject it into the combustion chamber. 

They Are Important

As noted, they were originally invented as a replacement for carburetors. You’re probably wondering what the difference is and why fuel injectors were chosen. The reason is that they were much better for the standard vehicle’s engine. In fact, they became an essential part quickly. 

They Enhance Efficiency

Modern fuel injectors use piezo wafers. They rely on a charge to control the expansion of the nozzle. This means they can spray more fuel into the combustion chamber in less time. The result is that you receive a faster response time to speed alterations. Aside from increasing responsiveness, it also gives you a power boost while reducing emissions and engine noise. 

They Use Precision Technology

As mentioned, they use incredible technology. That has resulted in the enhancement of other parts inside a car’s engine to meet this advancement. For instance, the parts in the engine cylinder have been revamped with the most precise technology available. This is important for calculating the amount of fuel being injected into the combustion chamber. Plus, it is also great for providing accurate information about temperatures, airflow, sensors, and oxygen. 

They Have a High Accuracy

Carburetors were not very accurate. Most of the time, fuel just dripped into the combustion chamber. This is because they had lower injection pressure. The result was slower combustion and poorer fuel economy. However, fuel injectors are computerized with that precision technology. That means your speed and acceleration will be controlled automatically. Additionally, it means more accuracy coming from the injectors. Finally, that means gasoline will be sprayed into the combustion chamber quickly. In other words, you have more control over your vehicle’s speed. 

Fuel injectors are a key part of modern vehicle engines. Aside from being fairly simple, they are essential and provide plenty of benefits.