Driving Rules after Brexit


The UK is currently in a Brexit crisis, but don’t worry! This post has compiled all the information you need about driving regulations after Britain leaves Europe.

What are the driving rules in green-listed countries?

In case you’re anticipating a long journey and anticipate observing Spanish law while on The Balearic Islands (that implies any place from Ibiza to Mallorca, Menorca or Formentera), then at that point it is important for your trip preparation strategy include valid identification with an engine protection endorsement level 1 – 3.

Is my UK Driving License Still Valid in the EU after Brexit?

Yes, but with some limitations. Your driving permit is still legitimate when you’re from Great Britain and it will keep being valid even if they end up scrapping all physical versions of ID cards for border control purposes (although this isn’t confirmed yet). However – assuming that instead of holding a paper license like most people do now-you hold an old-fashioned card form which has your photograph on them; be aware these may no longer work once we leave so make sure to get updated or arrange worldwide paperwork before travelling.

Why Should I Get a GB Sticker?

If you own or are driving in the EU, this is one we get asked quite often. You can no longer purchase number plates with an image of Europe on it; however, if your vehicle has pre-Brexit UK registration and was manufactured before we left (or will be delivered after) the European Union then there shouldn’t be any problems as long as they know where their car came from – France/Germany etc. However, owners of Spanish cars made island hop across those waters while Cyprus & Malta requires extra identification like stickers to prove nationality at ports. Want to learn more? Why not visit national numbers blog post here.