Buying a Classic Car

Whether you remember driving them as a teenager or you’re an enthusiast for a particular decade, buying a classic car is always an exciting day. There are tons of ways to find classics for sale, such as at car shows, in newspapers, magazines, or by word of mouth. As the internet secures a stronger foothold in society, it seems the most popular way to find and buy classic cars is online. There are a number of websites where owners and dealers can list their cars with pictures, details, and a price for others to peruse. After you buy one, all you need is a secure auto shipping company to deliver it to your driveway!

Finding a Car

When you’re looking for classic cars, the first step is to know what you want. Are you looking for something you can fix-up in your spare time, a weekend joy riding car, or something that could win awards at car shows? You’ll want to determine the make and model you’d like as well to help you narrow searches on online platforms. It’s also important to keep in mind that finding the right car takes time. Don’t rush into buying something just because it looks perfect. Take the time to ask questions, request more pictures if needed, and get it inspected by an independent party. This will ensure you aren’t surprised by anything after purchase.

Secure classic car shipping

If you need more information about the car or have a few questions, make sure you get in touch with the owner. Some people will list their car through a dealership, but the dealer doesn’t always know what the owner will and won’t adapt to. Buying from a private seller can help to make sure you get a fair price for the car, and you won’t have to deal with anyone up-selling you. Private owners are typically looking to get a fair price for their classic, which can help you negotiate a bit.


Once you find your perfect car, don’t forget about the paperwork. You want to first and foremost get it insured in your name so if anything happens to it, the damage is covered. You’ll also need a certified copy of the car’s title signed over to your name and a bill of sale. When you have all of these documents, you can take them to your DMV to get the car registered in your name as well.