4 Signs You Need Suspension Work

Your car’s suspension is what absorbs the bumps on the road and gives you a smooth ride. Over time, the springs in a suspension will wear down because of bad roads, rust, or old age. If your car isn’t running as comfortably as it once was, here are four signs it needs suspension work.

1. Every Ride Is Bumpy

The suspension system on your car has a component called a shock absorber. Shocks minimize the jolts from uneven road surfaces. When your suspension system is failing, every ride will feel bumpy and you’ll need quality suspension work Lakewood CO.

2. Car Pulls to One Side

If your car pulls to one side, you either have a flat tire or something is off with your suspension. If your tires are properly inflated, look for uneven wear on the tire tread. When a suspension is faulty, weight distribution is out of whack and can show up as uneven tire wear.

3. Front End Nosedives

Another sign of a suspension problem is when the front end of the car nosedives. This means that when you brake, the front of your car leans toward the ground because the suspension can’t handle the vehicle’s weight. Likewise, when you take off, the back may also sink.

4. Vehicle Looks Crooked

When your car looks like it’s sitting crooked, you may have a damaged suspension. A broken spring will cause the corner of your car to sit low. When you’re driving, you may also notice a clunking sound if you go over a bump, so it’s best to get to your mechanic right away.

When a car’s suspension works properly, you get a smooth and well-cushioned ride. If you’re getting bounced around every time you drive or your car pulls or sags, it’s time to get your vehicle’s suspension checked immediately.